I started my first company when I was 18. It was a tutoring, mentorship and educational institute called Mehr 78. I created a team, consisting of a dozen genius, young, passionate and successful tutors/mentors. All the tutors were from first year university students who ranked under 100th nationally in the National University Entrance Exam and they mentored/tutored high school juniors and seniors for their National University Entrance Exam. It was a very competitive/rewarding space and we had a great business model, a very good team, and unfortunately, no financial backup! We survived for 8 months, and it was an amazing learning experience. First lesson: You need CASH to survive!

I have started handful of companies since then, from a logistics and service company to a catering and restaurant. I’ve learnt a lot, and I don’t know nothing yet!

Here are the latest ones:

PositiveMed Network

One of the most engaging health and wellness social platforms in 4 languages:
English, Spanish, Russian and Persian


Uber Buildings

Fashion Expect
Online beauty and fashion store for emerging Latin American/Central American markets.