Digital nomad, serial entrepreneur, non-practicing-medical-student-turned-doctor, former-neuroscience-phd-student-turned-entrepreneur, math-enthusiast, animal conservationist, tea-addict, big data-lover and financial markets geek; what else?

13466321_10153901423894051_637876043372957099_n My name is Nima Sheikholeslami, also known as Nima Shei. I was born and raised in Iran and then moved to the US to pursue my dream of creating “a thing” more intelligent than the human brain. This dream has lead me to different areas, such as medicine, biology, neuroscience, control and electrical engineering, mathematics, computation and more recently machine learning.

In the meantime, as an entrepreneur, I’ve started and developed several companies; and I’ve dreamed about many ventures to start. Right now, I’m working on the use of big data and machine learning in financial markets. Another area of my interest is the uses of AR and VR in healthcare.

I’m vegetarian and an animal conservationist/ animal rights activist. I live with my beautiful/smart wife and two amazing rescued dogs in Miami, as of now.